Archaeology and Citizen Science

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Screengrab of LiDAR imagery over the 1st edition OS map

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Edins Hall


Morham Castle

A reconstructed medieval cooking pot

Bothwell Water Valley Sheepcote

Aerial photo showing the outline of a long, grass-covered feature with trenches over it and people working

Whiteadder Reservoir Cairn

A woman kneeling down and excavating in a trench filled with stones

Bunkle Edge Enclosure

Image of a female archaeologist in forestry, taking a photograph of a ditch which has been cleared of vegetation where a trench has been laid out

Chapel Field, Abbey St Bathans

trenches in a sunny field

Bunkle Medieval Village

Aerial photograph showing a round, grass-covered mound on which the remains of the castle sit, with trenches open in the flat grassy field in front of the motte

Archaeology in the Landscape


A river with hills in the background

Ritual Landscapes

A standing stone in the foreground, with a ruinous building in the mist behind

Brochs & Forts

Drystone circular structure with cells within the thick walls, viewed from above

Ancient Homes

Rreplica roundhouse with conical thatched and wooden planking around the walls

Medieval Castles

Ruinous remains of castle walls in open landscape

Farming after 1600

Ruined farmstead at Pensheil

Routes & Ways

Modern signpost showing the route of the Herring Road


Entrance into a drystone sheepfold, with hills behind

Tracing Christianity

Bonkyl Churchyard with grave stones in the foreground.


Map excerpt of the project area, showing placenames including Whittingham and Stenton


Hillforts in 3D


Rapid Archaeological Mapping of the Whiteadder

aerial view of a hilltop covered in heather, with concentric ramparts marking the outline of a hillfort