The area surrounding the Whiteadder valley is a beautiful landscape which has inspired people for hundreds of years. The Whiteadder: Heart of the Lammermuirs project sought out a diverse range of artists who were keen to interpret the landscape in their own way.


An aerial panoramic view looking to the north over the reservoir.
The Whiteadder Reservoir, September 2019

The artists were encouraged to take their inspiration from the archaeology, historic songs, stories, ballads and rhymes, social history, architecture, as well as the area’s river and landscape. Some attended archaeological digs and site visits to inspire or focus their ideas.

Most of the artists chose to draw inspiration from nature and focus on stories with historical significance, thus creating a strong bond between people, landscape and the past. Responses range from musicdrawing and contemporary art, to songpoetry and architecture. Some have been completed, are work-in-progress or are more ambitious proposals which would require funding, outwith the scope of this project. We hope that this project acts as a springboard and attracts support and funding for some of these fantastic ideas to be realised.

Here is a list of the Creative Arts proposals put forward so far:


Architecture Sketchbook

A series of architectural sketches from around the project area, by Brian Edwards.

Ballad of the Whiteadder

An instrumental piece inspired by the landscape of the area high up around the Whiteadder reservoir, by Kenny Tait.


Barnstorm’s song ‘Our Scotland’ taking inspiration from the Lammermuirs.


Sculptural installations inspired by female agricultural workers, by Fiona McLachlan-Powell.

Bothy Project

Proposal for a bothy project located between the Southern Upland way and the Herring Road, by the landscape architect duo Sutherlandii.

Crossing Lammermuir

A poem by Kate Campbell.

Foraging Routes

A proposal for foraging routes near the riverside, by the landscape architect duo Sutherlandii.

Ghosts on the Reservoir

An art proposal to create floating sculptures on the reservoir which reflect buildings hidden under the water, by Ettie Spencer.


A poem by Kate Campbell.


A poem by Kate Campbell.

OOR Scintilla

Sound art pieces created from resources recorded around the river valley area, by OOR Scintilla.


A proposal for an orchard planting scheme in the form of earthworks, by the landscape architect duo Sutherlandii.

Spirit of Place

A series of line drawings interpreting landscape and  archeological features.

The Rig Weeps

A poem by Kate Campbell.

Two Stells

A proposal for two sheep stells near the Herring Road, by Fiona McLachlan-Powell.


A poem by Kate Campbell.