Artist Fiona McLachlan-Powell has proposed to study a series of aerial views of landforms around the Whiteadder Water, possibly signifying archaeological features with vegetation. These views will be overlaid in ink, with the intention of picking out forms of the landscape and transforming them.

The examples below show the ‘Spirit of Place’ project which involved researching the places, reintroducing the blue ink and working over the prints, understanding that the area was known to the artist, while others had a relationship with it in the past. The Whiteadder Water was as alive then as it is now.

Blue ink sketch showing field, river and track systems.
Analogue aerial image developed with ink line work, near Cumledge Mill.
Analogue aerial image developed with ink line work – a chapel and enclosures.
Screen prints from analogue photographs of the Whiteadder using drawn and abstracted forms.

Fiona McLachlan-Powell is an emerging artist based at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Her personal story of growing up in the Lammermuirs helps to reflect on the long scale of time, natural and human process and interaction of the area.

Her work focuses on evolving forms that change through process, materials and environment. The dialogue between memory, her earlier life in rural Berwickshire, the psyche and the recognition of humanity are central to her work. Find out more about Fiona’s work here: