Writer Kate Campbell has written a collection of poetry inspired by the area around the Whiteadder valley, some of which have been published. Her writing connects social history, nature and place.

Take a trip through the Lammermuirs with Kate Campbell, read by Craig Knight for the Whiteadder Festival May 2020.

Herring Road
At Lammas,
creel heavy on her spine,
rain seeps through the blue shawl.

Brother Jack, stepping out:
one more day
within bounds.

Mossy Burn
Water for distilling
flows amber:
not for the excise men.

Swallows dress for dinner:
a black pot on the swey
simmers stew.

Healing Well
The shepherd once told me
he went there.
That was all.

Crystal Rig
as far as you can see
fringing the young larches.

An old ring
to put in my backpack
and take home.

Cracking Shaw
Gusts flick and drop your hair:
white grass a strangely soft
crown of thorns.

Look this way:
I’m shooting the last frame
as you were.’

© Kate Campbell 2015