On this page, you’ll find information about archaeological sites of different time periods from across the Whiteadder Project study area, and ideas for how to use these sites as a springboard for learning.

The content provided here was created during spring/summer 2020, when lockdown restrictions were in place. Given current uncertainty over what the coming weeks and months will hold, most of the activities require few or no supplies beyond a pencil and paper, with the intention that they can be carried out at home should schools close again.

In the ‘Experiences and Outcomes‘ document, you’ll find a table which shows where the suggested activities might link in with the Curriculum for Excellence.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the archaeology of the Whiteadder with your learners. Please get in touch if you have any queries, comments or suggestions.

Experiences & Outcomes

A mug full of pencils in front of a chalkboard

Neolithic Chambered Cairns

Chambered Cairns: Teachers' Notes

Illustration of a large, long, drystone structure

Corbelling Activity: Video

Neolithic & Bronze Age Stone Circles

Stone Circles: Teachers' Notes

Two figures stand near a circle of low stones at sunrise

Sunrise Silhouette Activity: Video

Creative Writing with Prompts: Worksheet

Icon of pen writing on paper

Story Circle: Teachers' Notes

Icon of pen writing on paper

Bronze Age Cairns

Bronze Age Cairns: Teachers' Notes

Illustration with a pile of stones forming a cairn

Beaker Pottery Patterns: Worksheet

A pencil over paper, showing a graph

Beaker Pottery Design: Worksheet

Hand holding a pencil

Make a Replica Beaker: Video

Bronze Age Beakers: Video

Beaker Designs Inspiration

A selection of images of beakers, for use in class

Homes in the Iron Age

Homes in the Iron Age: Teachers' Notes

What's in a Broch?: Worksheet

illustration of a tall tower with no roof

Broch WebQuest

School children working together on computers

Broch WebQuest: Worksheet

Icon of pen writing on paper

Broch WebQuest: Evaluation Table

Weaving & Textiles in the Early Historic Period

Early Historic Period: Teachers' Notes

illustration of three people inside a building with a central hearth

Evidence from Kersons Cleugh: Video

Spinning with a Drop Spindle: Video

Paper Weaving: Video

Paper Weaving Patterns: PDF

Spindle Whorls: Video