The Whiteadder Tapes

September 2, 2020Archaeology, Borders, Creative Art, East Lothian, Music, stories and ballads

OOR_Scintilla have created The Whiteadder Tapes (released on Bandcamp Friday 4th Sept 2020). They record sounds in the natural environment and then add layers of voice, composed music and improvised performance. You can visit their Facebook page to find out more about this release here: You can find more about their involvement in the … Read More

Winter is coming

September 2, 2020Borders, Creative Art, East Lothian, News, Survey

The poet Kate Campbell helped us source a fantastic library of aerial photographs of the Whiteadder area in snow. These were commissioned by a local group to support an objection on landscape and visual grounds to the proposed Fallago Rig wind farm. They were taken from a flight over the Lammermuirs after heavy snow in … Read More

Foraging Routes

August 26, 2020Borders, Creative Art, News

Landscape architecture duo ‘Sutherlandii’ have now completed a beautifully illustrated leaflet detailing a ‘Spring Foraging Walk’ along the Whiteadder river near Preston. You can download a low resolution version of the walk guide from here:

Whiteadder: Heart of the Lammermuirs Festival

June 1, 2020Archaeology, Borders, Creative Art, East Lothian, Excavations, Medieval, Music, stories and ballads

Between 2-5th May 2020 we hosted a very successful online event to celebrate what would have been the 220th birthday of Dr George Henderson of Chirnside (1800-1860). The events were posted on the project’s Facebook page where you can still watch, read, listen and comment on them all! Over the next few days we will be adding some … Read More

The Rig Weeps

February 4, 2020Creative Art

The Rig Weeps, a poem by Kate Campbell: Dark larches reach the cloud and starsAbove a white-grass marsh; the moorWhere shepherds tended sheep and stillsAnd old stones still guard ancient loreWhere frosty trails wind up the rigAnd Mossy Burn half-frozen flows. The night is quiet. The wind is tired.In the still air the owl laments.The old … Read More


February 4, 2020Borders, Creative Art, East Lothian

Artist Fiona McLachlan-Powell has proposed to create sculptural installations inspired by the female agricultural workers from the past called bondagers, who worked in agriculture in East Lothian and Berwickshire. The installation will be of sculptural objects taken from the material culture of the bondagers. They were hired at a hiring fair by hinds who needed … Read More


February 4, 2020Creative Art

Ettie Spencer has responded to the project with her proposal for an installation on the Whiteadder reservoir. Not many people know about the school and farm buildings now hidden at the bottom of the Whiteadder. This artwork will draw attention to the beauty of its surroundings as the floating, luminous, white, ghostly ‘houses’ catch the … Read More

Cranshaws Church

December 19, 2019Borders, Creative Art, Uncategorized

A nice sketch of Cranshaws Church by Brian Edwards. Brian is the author of Understanding Architecture through Drawing. He lives in Duns and is keen to document the architecture of the Whiteadder through his sketches.