Landscape architecture duo Sutherlandii – Rachel Sutherland and Kathryn MacTaggart – propose the construction of two bothies, one temporary and one permanent. The bothies would function as arts spaces and residences, inspired by established initiative, The Bothy Project, which imagines a network of small-scale, off-grid art residency spaces in distinct locations around Scotland.

Bothies can be pre-fabricated, like this one arriving on a lorry. Artist Bothy by Bothy Stores, image by Jonny Barrington

Bothy Project (temporary)

The concept for a temporary bothy is as a nomadic arts space and residence that moves along the Whiteadder valley annually to highlight different locations and act as a pop-up information centre for the projects and for off-grid living using renewable energy sources.

The design proposal could take various forms: from the traditional shepherd’s hut, which is, in essence, a bothy on wheels but updated with a Tesla solar cell roof; to a more hi-tech, glazed, geodesic dome for star gazing.

Map showing the proposed location zone for the permanent bothy.

Bothy project (permanent) – The Whiteadder Bothy

For the permanent Whiteadder Bothy, a location would be identified that can be used by walkers , artists and visiting archaeologists. Long distance routes such as the Herring Road and the Southern Upland Way traverse the Whiteadder valley and the intention is that the bothy provides an off-grid bolthole, accessible from this network. Sutherlandii have identified one possible site at Old Stobswood, below the windfarm.

As well as providing the location for an annual residency, The Whiteadder Bothy could be rented out to provide a revenue stream to sustains its existence.

The Bothy Project at Inshriach, near Aviemore, in the Cairngorms.

You can read more about The Bothy Project here:

Sutherlandii are Scottish-based Landscape Architect duo Rachel Sutherland and Kathryn MacTaggart who produce work in various formats from illustration and art installations, to larger landscaping projects.