Professor Brian Edwards has produced a series of pen and ink sketches, documenting buildings of important architectural significance in the area. These focus mainly on the period from the 6th – 19th century with an emphasis on bridges, castles and churches. Sketches are captioned and include some interpretation, where further information is available.

A sketch of Chirnside Bridge showing the mill behind, by Brian Edwards.
Drawing of Chirnside Bridge, by Brian Edwards, January 2020.

The sketchbook will be produced on a small print run at the end of the project, in early autumn 2020, but we are delighted to be able to offer a glimpse of an early draft, which can be downloaded from the link below.

The front cover of the architectural sketchbook, with a watercolour of Cranshaws Church by Brian Edwards.
The front cover of Whiteadder: Churches, Castles and Bridges, Brian Edwards, 2020.

Whiteadder: Churches, Castle and Bridges. (initial draft 2MB PDF). A limited print run of the book was published in August 2020.

Professor Brian Edwards is Emeritus Professor of Architecture for Edinburgh College of Art at Edinburgh University and author of the book ‘Understanding Architecture Through Drawing’ (2000). A full biography for Professor Edwards can be found on the ECA website: