Bataille de Baugé (22 Mars 1421), circa 1484, unknown artist.

Battles & Heroes

Scotland’s past was a dangerous time, with nobles fighting for power, position and political gain. Some win, some lose their heads, creating romantic heroes whose mark is made on the landscape.

Engraving of the devil chasing a man on horseback, with signpost 'to hell', by Robert Cruikshank, before 1856.

Horrible Histories

The darker side of folklore witnesses witches, devils and death in the cultural landscape. Murder, plague and body snatchers abound!

Drawing of a river trout.

Life & Times

These stories take us back in time for a sense of the sights, souls and sounds which enlivened the landscapes in and around the Whiteadder River in centuries past.

Illustration of elves from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Nights Dream', by Arthur Rackham.

Myths & Legends

Faeries, goblins, elves, giants, and other legendary beings feature in the area’s folklore. Passed down by word of mouth, their stories keep them alive.

An old ink sketch of the Pech Stane with a man in a top hat and tails and a dog next to it.

Rhymes & Rhymers

Rhyming tales help folk remember events and characters past. Discover old sayings, songs, rhymes and proverbs about some of the colourful characters or weird and wonderful places, which ought not be forgotten.